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Satya Mani Quartz Azozeo Super Activated Crystal & Ascension 7 Stone

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The Curious Cauldron

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Here at The Curious Cauldron we would like to extend a reminder to please remember those less fortunate than ourselves always, especially at this time of year.

What we mean by this is not just financially but also spiritually.

Some folks do not have family or friends around and it makes the holidays very hard to deal with, so let us all extend some extra kindness to them and each other now and always.

We are here for your holiday shopping, as well as online shopping.

Keep shopping local mom & pop shops.

***As much as I would love for you to shop at our shop, please remember that it's not the price tag it is in the gesture of giving from the heart that counts, not the wallet. Don't go broke. Give from the heart.

For all your healing and spiritual needs naturally.

YES! YES! It's True.

The time has come, and it will be up & running by January 2nd 2018

Be the first to enjoy our


Health & Wellness Sanctuary.

Using Reiki, Crystal and Healing Touch Therapy.

Please keep an ear & eye on our events on Facebook so you won't miss our

Celebration Party.

Hopefully after the opening and all the holiday rush slows down a bit!

You are going to just LOVE it as much as we do.



Satya Mani Quartz

Key Words: Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment

Element: Wind

Chakras: Third Eye Chakras (6th), Crown (7th)

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