The Curious Cauldron is a pure light, nature driven, health & wellness resource center.
We provide natural earth energy, resources and education for healing.
Maria Solana is a certified Reiki Master & Crystal Healer.
To make your appointment for a Reiki and / or Crystal Healing Session, contact Maria @the Curious Cauldron Healing Center.



About me/us:

Well this should be fairly simple and quick. I with the guidance of my spirit guides, and what I consider to be my Goddess & God was brought to this path to help and heal others with the gifts they provide. I do not consider myself above anyone, I am simply a vehicle that they have chosen to use to bring light, love and health to others, which is why I use "we, us" as well as I. I do not work alone.
Sometimes it comes as messages, or images and other times it comes through in a healing session, sometimes its all of the above.

Yes, I know there are many questions and I am fully prepared to answer them. I hope that those of you who visit my page will be okay with asking those questions, and if you so need our assistance that you do not feel you will ever be judged or ridiculed by me, I am a servant to a higher power. I would never judge you nor would I ever betray your confidence.
I will do everything in my power to teach you how you too can help yourself well if you wanted.