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​​​Welcome To The Curious Cauldron!

Reiki & Crystal Healing on Pets, Yes we can!

Energy Healing for animals is a gentle, loving and non-invasive option that goes hand in hand with traditional medicine this kind of energy healing aids in the process. It opens up and clears any blocks in your pets energy field and his chakras with this being done, then your pets energy will repair and re-balance itself so that the body can access its ability to heal quicker and easier. 

I  know many are skeptical of this practice, I myself was too, that is until one of my many pets needed help! I took my knowlage and gift

and put it to the test. He happened to be in the bathroom on the counter top (he is not the type to sit there while you pet him) I said my prayers, asked for guidance and grounded myself, I then laid my hands on him and sent him healing energy,concentrating on the area that I was told to go to, he sat so still I thought for sure he was really really in trouble. 

Even after doing the treatment on him, I felt a little let down because my expectation was unrealistic, I expected him to jump right up and go straight to the litter box and be OKAY!

(it had been a while since he had a bowel movement and we would soon have to take him back to the vet), this was not something we wanted to happen. When I was leaving the room my son was just going in and I told him what I had done, and that hopefully he would go number two...guess what? I didn't even get to my bedroom door on the other end of our home and my said yelled to me that he just had gone! So, you see, if you believe and are open to alternatives, it will work, if you are not a believer then maybe you should try it and see if it can make a believer out of you!

It really is not for everyone, but if you were ever CURIOUS, why not give it a try?  Sometimes it only takes one session to correct an issue, sometimes it takes a few. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but I can guarantee you will feel better if you just let yourself Believe!

​Much love and light to you.

​Maria for The Curious Cauldron