Since 2007, I have been planning and dreaming of finding a brick and mortar place to open up. Well as we all know life and the universe has a way of letting us know when it is the right time and the right place, well the time is now for the Curious Cauldron, the brick and mortar is still in the making! Patience is called for here, and it has taken me a long time to realize this very important lesson, no matter how much we may want something, if it is not the best for us now then it won't happen till the time is right.

I am going to tell you a little bit about me, just a little, I will try not to ramble on. Okay, I tried, but I was rambling way too much! So here it is in a nutshell.

Fast forward to today, I have grown and learned so much that my life now makes sense to me!

You see I am and have always been blessed with these gifts from spirit,  the gift of being a medium, psychic, having clairvoyances, and being intuitive and an empath. Mind you I didn't always know this, I thought I was weird or that there was something wrong with me! 

You would think that growing up in a home where Santeria and magick was talked about and sometimes practiced, that someone would have alerted me to this little secret of being blessed with these gifts and that it is not a bad thing. It only took me till I was 40 to figure it out. I thank my spiritual guides everyday for their wisdom and guidance, if it were not for them and others along the way, I would still be searching for answers.

Today I embrace all my quirkiness and gifts, I am blessed as everyone is with these gifts. It takes being still and a lot of listening and much guidance from like minded souls, but we all have some of these gifts, some more or less but we all are capable of tapping in.

I spent the last 20 plus years learning and listening to get to this wonderful place in my life. I always wondered what my purpose was. When my children grew older, it was becoming more and more clear. I was meant to heal, to help others heal and to teach them how to heal themselves as well.

I started my journey and it has brought me to my hear and now.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer, a Certified Reiki Master. I learned how to channel my gifts through many different avenues, I embraced my inner witch who knows there is a GOD but also a GODDESS.

If I would have listened to my children when they were very little and they would always tell me mom your a witch, how did you do that or how did you know that, I might have saved myself so much time, but like I stated earlier, it wasn't time, my job then was to be a mom, and I knew that is what I was meant to do. 

I have learned so much in the past 10 years that my childhood, my teen years, and my young adult life now make perfect sense to me.

As for The Curious Cauldron it has been in the gestation period for many years. It has taken me, Maria, a while to get it all together with the help of my adult children and family and still there might be a possibility of some change. Any one who knows me personally already knows this is just who I am!

I am here to serve you & to help you on your journey!

Open yourself up to the magick inside of you!

Come visit The Curious Cauldron! (here now and when the time is right at our location 13141 McGregor Blvd Suite 7 Fort Myers Fl 33919).

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​​​Welcome To The Curious Cauldron!