Breaking News!

The True Witch Shop is now HERE!

We are all of the same mind and spirit.

The Curious Cauldron, is a place of healing, listening as well as a place to make things happen.

We are more than just a shop for items, we are a full on, hands on, Nity Gritty Witch Shop!

We make no excuses for ourselves. We do not judge anyone nor do we push our beliefs on anyone, we are here to help others and that is all we do.

Come see for yourself.

I am so excited to let everyone know that the Curious Cauldron has been going through some changes. Trust me when I say there will be more to come, as I am, as we all are, changing

The Curious Cauldron, is almost to the Original plan as we can get it right now. This shop was never meant to be a "retail store" it was to be a "magical healing shop" which is where we are right now. Heading forward everything you thought you knew about The Curious Cauldron, will be shattered. (Insert Cackle)

Growing pains are not our strong suit but seems to be happening. So we must grow what we have planted, we must nurture it so that it will continue to blossom. We are so very happy to see things happening around here.

Our shop will be a place for those who are seeking help and answers to their situations. We are here to help and give personalized answers not cookie cutter responses.

Everyone is different as are our situations, ONE SIZE does not fit all. That is where we come in, personalized and specific issues addressed. We hope you never need us, but if you ever find yourself in need know we are here for you.

As always love & healing.

The Curious Cauldron