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I find it very important to have some one arrive into your life and they place words where you may not have realized relates to you. In a group setting once where Maria and I were a part of a discussion, some one said to me that they did not know what "gift" I would bring to the group... I remember how that made me feel... The person who said this may or may not have meant to cause me to feel insecure with what gifts I may harbor but it did. I started to question in seconds who I really am... Maria knowing me only briefly, spoke up and said something along the lines of: "I know what she brings; she sees the innocent in others and I feel I could go to her with anything and she would be without judgement" And that is when Maria earned my respect! I felt that insecurity flow away just as it came! She was right but I did not see/realize this about myself for so long, it was some thing I always felt but did not have it in words. Some times, we do not see things or gifts we bring but others that are of a guiding gifted essence can allow you to know at just the right time. I appreciated that and it is some thing I carry with me now as it makes sense to how I have felt in regards to dealing with others my entire life. Also, I once was in a seance with Maria being a conduit for spiritual messages on Samhain 2014. She did not read me directly but my husband's wish to speak with his Grandmother. I never did get the chance to even meet my husband's grandmother because she passed away before we were a union. But I did know her in a sense of story-telling others have spoke to me forming how her character was. Never before meeting her, but hearing the messages come from Maria left me in goosebumps and tears gathering in my eyes. My husband would ask a question and Maria sharply responded, just how I learned his grandmother would. I could see within my husband's eyes just how much that meant to him! Maria, Thank you for your friendship, for allowing me to know this gift of mine that you saw and for speaking up for me when another went to put me down, and for receiving messages for my husband from his grandmother! May you be blessed as you have blessed! <3


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